Please Donate to Help a Worthy Cause

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 13:45
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KIDS have the power to make a positive difference.  Please join the Kid Power committee at Brockbank Elementary to change the world.  Our project this year is to help Shriners Hospital.  Shriners serve children with medical needs regardless of their ability to pay.

Each grade is encouraged to bring money to donate. This is a friendly competition between grades, "Quarter War" to see who can get the most points helping Shriners Hospital.  

How points work;

1 dollar = 100 points

1 quarter = -25 points

1 dime = 10 points

1 nickel = 5 points

1 penny =1 point


So put quarters in other grades jars to subtract their points.

Put all other money in your own grades jars.


We will start our quarter war on Monday, January 11 and will run until Friday, January 29.  Week 1= The grade with the heaviest jar will earn their choice of a “Just Dance” Party or a flour bomb war. Week 2 = The grade with the most weight gained in their jar will win a popcorn party.   Week 3 = The grade with the most points will earn a “surprise” .  

The jars will be in the front office each morning before school for students to donate.