December 2023

Second Grade Sing Christmas Songs and Decorate Gingerbread Houses

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Second-grade students at Brockbank Elementary celebrated the Christmas season by presenting a special program on Friday, December 8, to their parents and grandparents. The students enjoyed entertaining their families by singing several Christmas songs. After the program, the students and their parents returned to their classroom to decorate gingerbread houses. It was a fun day!

Lucky Gingerbread Winners

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After all the classes voted for their favorite gingerbread house the winners were 1st place - Log Cabin, 2nd place tie - Barbieland and Freddy Fozbear's Pizza Place. Names were drawn from each of the containers and the students whose name was drawn got to take that gingerbread house home.

Gingerbread House Competition

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To help everyone get in the Christmas spirit Brockbank's faculty and staff competed in a gingerbread competition. Each group had only one hour to make their house. The students got to decide the winner by voting for the gingerbread house they think is the best. Students each received one vote placing their vote in one of the cans. Names were then drawn out of each of the cans and a lucky student whose name was drawn got to take that gingerbread house home.

Kindergarten Students Try to Find Gingerbread Man

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All week kindergarten students have learned about The Gingerbread Man and have read lots of different versions of the story. They wrote about where they would run if they were gingerbread characters and went on a hunt around the school searching for him. They didn’t catch him this time but he did sneak into their room and hide treats for the kids to find!
Mrs. Farr

Bronco Best Students for November

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At Brockbank we have a program where deserving students earn "Bronco Best" cards. Students earn this honor by being their BEST at Brockbank! They are doing their BEST when they are: Building a community that cares, Engaging in lifelong learning, Setting goals for growth and success, and Taking ownership for their actions.

This month the students learned about the Golden Rule, treating others the way we would like to be treated.