Lucky Students Get Gingerbread Houses

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After all the classes voted for their favorite gingerbread house the winners were 1st place - #1 made by the office, 2nd place - #9 made by 1st grade, and 3rd place - #3 made by speech.

 Names were drawn from each of the containers and the students whose name was drawn got to take that gingerbread house home. #1 - Trey Hanks, #2 (made by 3rd grade)- Brighton Fillmore, #3 - Henry Bethers, #4 (made by 5th grade) - Nora McClure, #5 (made by the lunch ladies) - Kate Simonsen, #6 (made by the 2nd grade) - Porter Eddington, #7 (made by 4th grade) - Emillee Peterson, #8 (made by planning time technicians) - Chanel Rivas, #9 - Henry Wise, and #10 (made by 6th grade) - Tate Walburger. We also had 3 kits that were drawn and students taking them home were; Kai Romero, Brogan Zeeman, and Piper Jones.    It was a fun competition!