Brockbank Staff Spotlights!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Thu, 01/24/2013 - 09:00

This weeks staff spotlights are Mrs. Sherry Plaisted and Mrs. Carrie Peterson.
Mrs. Sherry Plaisted is Brockbank's intern facilitator. She and her husband live in Springville and have two sons, three daughters, and seven grandchildren. Sherry likes to travel (she said when she has the time), reading, and hiking (especially downhill in pretty places). Some of her favorites are the color blue, Snickers, lobster, cherry coke, the movie "You've Got Mail", the book "To Kill a Mockingbird", and eating at Red Lobster. Her favorite sport is swimming and she likes BYU basketball (her son, Trent played for BYU in 2004-2008). Sherry's favorite vacation destination would be to Lake Tahoe. Something she said no one knows about her is that she taught swimming lessons in her backyard for years. Sherry taught 13 years in Utah before going to California for 9 years, then she worked as a reading specialist in San Antonio, Texas for 6 six years before coming back to Utah and coming to work at Brockbank. Sherry has been at Brockbank for the past 9 years, two years as the literacy specialist and the past seven as the intern facilitator. Sherry also coordinates the STAR tutor program and all the computer-aided curiculum programs like Waterford, Success Maker, and Imagine Learning. She also helps out doing lunch duty when needed. Sherry is a very important part of our staff and a great friend to everyone!

Mrs. Carrie Peterson is a special education technician in Mrs. Shelley Thomas' class. She and her husband live in Spanish Fork and have three daughters, one son, and ten grandchildren. Carrie likes traveling, sewing, knitting, crocheting, reading, but most of all just being a grandma and spending time with her family. Some of her favorites are the colors pink and purple, chocolate, black licorice, Hawaiian Haystacks, diet cherry pepsi, country music, the movie, "Momma Mia", Mary Higgins Clark books, and eating at Joe Banditos. She likes baseball and her team is the Atlanta Braves. Carrie's favorite vacation destinations are Hawaii and Disneyland! Something she said everyone doesn't know about her is that she is a true "Brockbank Bronco" , she attended elementary school at Brockbank and so did all of her kids! Carrie has been at Brockbank for the past 16 years - 15 years as a special education technician and one year as a classroom aide. Before coming to Brockbank she did babysitting in her home while her kids were young. All of the students in Mrs. Thomas' class love having her in their classroom! Carrie is a sweet person and a pleasure to be around!