Brockbank Hershey Track Meet Winners

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Brockbank students participated in the Hershey Track Meets with several students placing.

From 3rd grade; Gunner Frost placed 1st in both the  50 and 100 meter runs. Ellie Rich placed 3rd in both the 100 and 200 meter runs. Houston Farnsworth placed 3rd in the 100 meter run and 6th in the 50 meter run, 

From 4th Grade; Emma Field placed 5th in the 100 meter run. Joey Jensen placed 1st in both the 50 and 100 meter runs and 1st in the standing long jump (6'3 1/2")  Max Pressler placed 5th in the 100 meter run and 6th in the 50 meter run. Halle Roberts took 2nd place in the 50 and 7th in the 100 meter runs. Carter Cutler placed 2nd in the 50 meter run. Anjie Ibarra place 1st in the softball throw (99'9"). Giselle Rodriguez placed 7th in the 50 meter run. Fourth grade relay teams did really well taking 3rd in the boys 4X100 meter relay -Carter Cutler, Joey Jensen, Blake Jones, and Max Pressler.The girls took 2nd & 3rd place in the 4X100 meter relay; 2nd place- Lakisha Guzman, Giselle Rodriguez, Rexi Rozema, and Anjie Ibarra. 3rd place - Daisy Farr, Halle Roberts, Amber Terry, and Emma Field. 

From 5th grade;  Rydan Currie placed 7th in 100 meter run.. Jade Romero placed 4th in the 100 meter run, and 1st place in the softball throw (107’). Shelbee Shepherd took 3rd place 100 meter run, and 3rd place in the softball throw (103').  Jade Romero, Shelbee Shepherd, Paislee Davis and Brinley Fox placed 3rd in the girls 4X100 relay.                

From 6th grade;  Corbin Gull placed 2nd in the softball throw (177’5”), Andrew Hult took 3rd place in the 100 meter run and 2nd place in the standing long jump (7'1").