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Hello, Brockbank Families!

We want to congratulate all the fifth-grade students on their graduation from DARE!  We especially appreciate Office DeWitt and the great job that he did presenting awesome lessons to help our students learn life skills that will help them throughout their lives!

The fourth grade students enjoyed the opera today at Salem Hills High School!  We love bringing the arts into our curriculum!

We know the weather looks great outside, but it is still cold and we want you to encourage your child to wear his/her outerwear!  We will always watch the air quality to make sure it is safe for our students to go outside. 

Just a reminder that if you are going to send treats/rewards to school to try and make them healthy and store bought. 

The last few years the PTA has helped the teachers by  setting up Christmas giving trees.  By each teacher's door there is a tree with ornaments, that have items written on them, that the classroom could really use.  If you would like to participate, you or your child may take an ornament from the tree and then give the teacher that item as a Christmas gift.  The trees will be up from now until Christmas break. Thanks for all your support!! 

Thanks for all you do and for making Brockbank such a great place!

Mrs. Nelson

Brockbank Bulletin:

Fri., Dec. 11--Popcorn Friday-50 cents/bag

Wed., Dec. 16--3rd Grade Christmas Program-12:30

Thurs., Dec. 17-2nd Grade Christmas Program-2:00

Fri., Dec. 18-2nd Grade Polar Express Day

Dec.21-Jan. 1-Christmas Break