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Hello, Brockbank Families!

I just want to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope the New Year brings you all the happiness you and your family deserve!  This is such a special time of year and it’s so wonderful to share the excitement here at school!  I love working with you and your child and love the special spirit that each child brings to Brockbank!

We appreciate our PTA for putting up the "Giving Trees" by each teacher's door.  These trees have ornaments on them with specific things/ideas for your child's teacher, if you are needing ideas for a gift for your child to give to his/her teacher!  If you are interested in doing this, just take an ornament from the tree.

Holiday Break:  Friday, December 21st, the students will be dismissed early.  Bus students will be dismissed at 11:30, (or there about) and walking students will be dismissed at noon.  School will resume Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.

SEP Conferences:  Our SEP Conferences will be Thursday, January 10th.  Your child will be bringing home a reminder note of your scheduled time after the holiday break.   

PTA Meeting:  No PTA Meeting this month.  The next PTA Meeting will be January 29th at 2:00.

Math Lab:  Parents, in the mornings at 8:30, we have two wonderful ladies that are here to tutor students in math!  If you feel your child could use extra help with homework, please send him/her in the mornings to our math lab!

Please keep collecting your Box Tops!         

We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our own Brockbank website!  Follow us on Instagram--#Brockbankbest, #Lookatbrockbank, and #BrockbankBFF


Please check our website for more info! 


Thanks for being the BEST! 


Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:

12/21-Half Day-Students dismissed at noon

12/24-1/1-Christmas Break

1/2-School Resumes

1/8-4th Gr. Field Trip

1/10-SEP Conferences

1/11-No School-DDD

1/21-Martin Luther King Day-No school