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Hello, Brockbank Families!

I hope you enjoyed Labor Day and were able to do some fun things with family and friends!  We look forward to another busy, but great week, here at Brockbank!

Reflections:  We are so excited for our Reflections Contest that is going on NOW!  The theme is, “Heroes Around Me!” Please encourage your child to get involved and participate in this fun event!  We want to thank Cindy Shepherd for helping us with this, and if you have any questions, please contact her at eggmomma [at] gmail [dot] com.

Box Tops:  Some of you have probably noticed the Super Hero in our entrance way!  We are getting ready for a little Box Top Competition.  You will also notice the Hero poster showing what Box Tops have been brought in!  We hope you will start collecting those Box Tops and have your child bring them in!  We appreciate the money that it brings to our school!

Picture Day:  September 11th will be our Picture Day!  Lifetouch will be taking the pictures for our school!  Packets will be coming home soon with information!

Bond Presentation: There will be a special Bond Community Presentation, Wed., Sept. 5th,  at Salem Hills High School, at 6:00pm for those interested in receiving more information about the School Bond.

Minimal Day:  Monday, Sept. 17th, our students will be dismissed at noon.  This is a time where our teachers will receive important instruction and give them time to work on required assignments from the District.  We so appreciate your support with this valuable day for teachers!

Parents, I am extremely concerned about the safety of our students after school.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT WALK YOUR CHILDREN ACROSS THE STREET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Please use the intersection where there is a crossing guard.  Together, let’s set an example our children!

Please make sure to be polite and courteous when driving and picking up your child.  Take your time and DO NOT park and get out of your car along 300 West.  We need to keep that area moving to get cars in and out. 

Please do not park along the areas where the buses come in.  There are cones along the areas where we do not want cars.  If you want to park in a parking stall, that is fine, but make sure you get out of your car and walk your child back to your car.  We do not want children crossing alone where the buses come in.

If you did not get a school magnet, please grab one from the office!
We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our own Brockbank website!  Follow us on Instagram--#Brockbankbest, #Lookatbrockbank, and #BrockbankBFF

Please check our website for more info! 

Thanks for being the BEST!  We look forward to a fantastic year!

Mrs. Nelson

Brockbank Bulletin:
9/5-POP into READING Party/Bond Community Presetintation-SHHS-6:00pm
9/11-Picture Day
9/14-Vision Screening
9/17-Minimal Day-students dismissed at noon
9/25-PTA Mtg.-2:00
9/26-Bond Community Presentation at PHS-6:00pm
10/1-Reflections Due