Abbie Karri Receives Crystal Apple Award

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Abbie Crystal Apple

Mrs. Abbie Karri is this year's recipient of the Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award. Abbie teaches third grade here at Brockbank. 

Her co-workers say about Abbie, "We love Abbie! She is very deserving of the Crystal Apple. Abbie has a lot on her plate with 3 babies under 4 years old and 2 teenagers. She's had a ton of issues with her daycare and she still shows up for work everyday happy, smiling, and fun to work with. Abbie is smart!  She can create anything on the computer. Her lessons are cute and creative. She's always willing to share her ideas. Her attention to detail is an asset to our team. She is always showing us how to make data easy. Abbie is a powerful member of our team and school. If everyone had coworkers as great as Abbie, no one would complain about work again. We really appreciate her team spirit and positive attitude even on days when she has so much going on. Abbie is the best coworker and friend!"