More "How To Cook A Turkey" by Brockbank Kindergarten Students

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Brockbank is happy to share some more fun ways on "How to Cook a Turkey" according to kindergarteners. Kindergarten students shared their ideas to their teacher in their own words. Here is four students ideas from Mrs. Kariuki's afternoon kindergarten class.

Hallie Swenson - We buy it at the store. Then we bring it home and cook it in the oven for 2 seconds and make sure it's really hot. Then we put flour on it. then we use a knife to cut it up. We put lots of mustard on it and eat it.

MaKinzey Fillmore - First you buy it at the store. Some people don't have stores so they have to go shoot it. Then you put it in a very hot oven. Next you get it out and set it on the table. And then you cut it out at the table. And then you get a piece on the plate at the table. and then you eat it at the table.

January Langston - First we go get it from the Fresh Market. Then we cook it at 5 degrees for 10 minutes on the store. (I joined Kids Club so I know how). Then we cut it up. And then we eat it. We put lots of ketchup on it before we eat it.

Clara Bills - Well you buy the turkey. And then cook the turkey for as long as you want, but not forever. And then you take it out of the oven. And then you bring a plate to the table nad put the turkey on the plate. And then you call people to come to a Thanksgiving dinner after you make the dinner.