Happiest Place on Earth

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For Teacher Appreciation Week teachers and staff enjoyed a "Magical Week" at "The Happiest Place on Earth" aka Brockbank Elementary!  Monday started with a "Character Breakfast" of french toast, yogurt parfaits, fruit, juice and milk. Mouse ears and lanyards with a "Brockbank FastPass to Fun" were given. Tuesday was a "Bibbidi Bobbidi Beverage Bar" where you could create unique soda combinations. Wednesday was lunch was served at Goofy's Kitchen (aka teacher's lounge),  a "Hot Diggety Dog Bar". Thursday there was Downtown Disney Deliveries made by "Mary Poppins, Mrs. Potts, and Tweedle Dum". Friday ended with "Main Street Treat Shop" consisting of churros, treats in the shape of mickey like rice krispies dipped in chocolate, cookies, and pretzels, there was also candy, fruit, and yummy caramel treats. It was definitely a fun week!  Thanks to Ali Stewart and Cammee Baum, we were all spoiled all week!