Brockbank's Mrs. Marcy Noorda is Awarded the Crystal Apple Award!

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Brockbank School is pleased to announce Mrs. Marcy Noorda as the recipient of the 2011-12 Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award. Since Mrs. Noorda's first year in 2007, she has been an asset to the faculty and staff at Brockbank. Principal Alison Hansen says, "Mrs. Noorda is a pleasure to watch teach. She helps each individual child reach his/her potential and is conscientious about helping each child reach a year's academic, emotional, and social growth regardless of whether he/she is the highest performer in the class or the student who struggles the most. Each child thrives in her classroom. Mrs. Noorda has a well-deserved reputation in the community of being knowledgeable, caring, a hard worker. She is an example to all around her." Mrs. Marcy Noorda and her husband, Bryan, live in Springville and have 4 children. Congratulations on a job well done!