Brockbank's Debate Team Excels at District Tournament!

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Back: Makaylee Bryson, Taylor Swan, Mrs. Kristel Peterson, Emily Rowley, Daniel Jones, Ben Boyack, Max Hansen, and Luke Jensen. Middle: Taylor Gordon, Micha Crandall, Emily Lund, Amelia Moleff, Julia Hult, Natalie Noorda, and Abbey Colledge. Front: Brooke Sorensen, Amanda Mitchell, and Cassady Gappmayer.

Brockbank fifth and sixth-graders have been working hard the last few months preparing for the district debate tournament. Under the direction of Mrs. Kristel Peterson, students have spent hours researching, dividing into affirmative and negative teams, and preparing oral arguments. At the district tournament out of 90 overall students Brockbank students did extremely well. Students debated in teams of two, overall winners are in pairs. On the negative side going to state; Emily Lund and Amanda Mitchell, Abbey Colledge and Taylor Swan, Amelia Moleff and Emily Rowley, and Makaylee Bryson and Brooke Sorensen. On the affirmative side going to state is Luke Jensen and Max Hansen. Two of the Brockbank's teams were named as alternates in case one of the teams can't go to state, they are on the negative side, Cassady Gappmayer and Natalie Noorda; on the affirmative side, Julia Hult and Anna Mockett. High Point Speaker Awards also went to a number of Brockbank students; Julia Hult, Luke Jensen, Amelia Moleff, Natalie Noorda, Taylor Swan, Abbey Colledge, Brooke Sorensen, Emily Lund, Makaylee Bryson, Amanda Mitchell, and Cassady Gappmayer. Way to go Brockbank debate team!