Brockbank Third-Graders Compete in Spelling Bee!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
Wednesday, March 28, Brockbank Elementary third-graders held their Spelling Bee. The spelling bee is held in conjunction with the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and their donation of a dictionary for every third-grade student. Glen Roach, a member of the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and representative of Central Bank donated the dictionaries to Brockbank third-grade students in the fall. Spelling bees were held in the individual classrooms during the month of February and the top four winners from each class competed with each other to determine a winner. Classroom winners were from Mrs. Linda Argyle/ Mrs Whitney Munn's class - Jaxen Gurney, Abigail Kirk, Thomas Rowley, and Victor Sanchez; from Mrs. Carolyn Creer's class - Lauren Cahill, Scott Lindsey, Jade Nash, and Mallorie Vasquez; and from Mrs. Kathy Moon's class - JAmy Davis, Katelyn Gappmayer, Natasha Bryson, and Maklain Shepherd. All of the students did a great job! Thomas Rowley, Victor Sanchez, and Laurel Cahill placed in the top three with Thomas Rowley taking first place!