Brockbank Staff Spotlights

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 23:12
This week Brockbank's staff spotlights are Miss Stephanie Benson and Mrs. Annette Morrison. Miss Stephanie Benson is a fifth grade teacher here at Brockbank. She grew up in Spring Lake and now lives in Payson. Stephanie likes swimming, sewing, painting her nails, going to musicals and plays, and spending time with family. Some of her favorites are the color red, gummy bears and worms, lemon berry slush, Brad Paisley, the movie, "Wizard of OZ", eating at Happy Sumo, and watching the Utah Jazz. Her favorite vacation destination would be to Washington DC and Gettysburg. Something Stephanie said no one knows about her is that she hates the smell of rubber (gloves, balloons, and rubber bands). Besides teaching fifth grade at Brockbank, which this is her second year, Stephanie is now also our after school cross guard (she looks so cute in her orange vest holding her big red Stop sign!!). She makes sure all of the walking students get across the street safely. Before coming to Brockbank, she was a special education technician for five years. Stephanie is a great teacher and so fun to be around, we are so glad she is teaching at Brockbank! Mrs. Annette Morrison is the lunch clerk at Brockbank. She lives in Spanish Fork and has two sons, three daughters, two granddaughters and one grandson. Her granddaughter Kamber goes to kindergarten here at Brockbank. Annette likes reading, walking, watching movies, and spending time with her grandkids. Some of her favorites are pizza, any candy (as long as it has chocolate in it), fiction and love story books, movies, "Mamma Mia" and "Footloose", and listening to rock, classical, and country music. Annette doesn't have a favorite restaurant but says she likes American, Mexican, and Asian food and she likes watching any sport that her children or grandchildren are playing on. Her favorite destination for a vacation is to Hawaii! Something Annette says no one knows about her is that she is shy. Annette has been the lunch clerk here at Brockbank for the past 10 years, before coming to Brockbank she was the lunch clerk for Westside. Besides working here at Brockbank, Annette works at Macey's. She is a hard worker and a great friend! We are so glad she is part of our staff!