Brockbank Hosts A "Penny War" to Help Raise Money to Fight Cancer!

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Brockbank Elementary is raising money to support Huntsman Foundation to fight against cancer. The sixth-grade student council members met and decided to have a school wide "Penny War". Each grade level has a sealed can for students to put money in. The object is to get more points than the other grades. Pennies are each worth 1 point. There is a catch - if you put anything other than pennies in your can, it subtracts points from your total. For example, if you put a quarter in your can you are subtracting 25 points. The idea is to put pennies in your grade level's an and put nickels, dimes, and quarters in other grade level's cans. The grade that has the most points at the end of the war wins. Brockbank's goal is to teach students that they have the power to make a difference in the world by raising money to fight against cancer. Huntsman Cancer Institute is building a brick pathway called the "Walk of Hope" between Huntsman Cancer Institute and Huntsman Cancer Hospital. They want to "Help Build Hope, Brick by Brick," each brick costs $350. For each $350 donation, Huntsman will engrave a name on the bricks. Brockbank hopes to raise enough money to buy 3 them. In order to achieve this goal, we need help! Please send your pennies to help Brockbank in our "Penny War", but don't forget to send your dollars, quarters, nickles, dimes too (subtract other grades' points so your grade can win!). Please don't let them go door-to-door and solicit money from family or neighbors - we want students to bring in their own pocket change and donate it to a worthy cause. If your student wants to bring money, have them earn it by doing chores. Thanks! The "Penny War" will start on March 13 and continue until March 27.