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Hello, Brockbank Families!

We hope you all enjoyed the Spring Break!  We came back to school with such fun decorations on our doors for Teacher Appreciation Week!  What a great way to welcome us all back to school!

This time of year we are getting ready for our year-end testing.  Please make sure your child is early to school with a good breakfast and ready to go!  We also ask you to encourage your child to do his/her best. We realize that testing can bring stress to our students.  Please discuss ways in which your child can pause, take a breath, and relax when taking tests.  Please know that we have and are still working with students so they feel calm when taking tests.  We have also had trainings for our students on test taking with the SAGE program to help them feel comfortable.

Champion’s Challenge:  We had our Champion’s Challenge Assembly today and we were so excited to have the Diamond Fork Riding Club here to announce our winners.  They are:   Olivia Adams, Chloe Wilkinson, Ella McClure, Maggie Shepherd, Brykken Kruitbosch, Porter Olson, and Jaqueline Rodriguez.  Together the students read over 151,000 minutes!  What an accomplishment!  Keep reading, Broncos! 

Teacher Appreciation Week:  This week is Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week!  I want to express my love and appreciation to our teachers and staff for all they do for the students at our school and for me!  They are a great group of people to work with, and there is no place I'd rather be!  The PTA has gone to so much work to let our teachers and staff know how much we all appreciate the great work they do for our students!  We have an awesome, dedicated faculty and staff and it’s wonderful that we celebrate their hard work and effort!

Teacher Requests:  Our teachers work very hard to collaborate so that all students get the same lesson, activities, and experiences in that particular grade level.  Teachers analyze student work and assessments together so they can all play an important part in each student’s academic success.  Hopefully, you will understand that your child’s education will be the same in any teacher’s classroom on that grade level.   However, there are times when certain circumstances arise where parents feel the need to request a certain teacher/classroom for their child. Because of that, we will be allowing teacher requests to be made from May 8th - May 19th.  Parents are able to fill out a form that is available in the office.  It is very important that you read the whole form.  Parents may choose between a teacher choice (you may give two teachers’ names that are EQUAL in choice) OR a request for your child to not be with another child in the same class.  No requests may be made before or after this time period given. After requests are made, there will be no changes to the requests made.  I also WILL NOT accept any requests made via email.   All requests must be made in the office.

 Thank you for your support and your help as we get ready for year-end testing!

Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:


4/10-4/14-Teacher Appreciation Week

4/11-SCC-3:15/1st Grade Field Trip

4/12-Ms. J’s Class Field Trip/2nd Grade Field Trip

4/14-Popcorn Friday

4/21-State Debate

4/25-3rd Grade Track Meet

4/28-Kindergarten Program

5/2-4th Grade Track Meet

5/4-Superstarts Track Meet

5/8-Kindergarten Field Trip/PTA Carnival

5/9-5th Grade Track Meet/6th Grade Field Trip

5/12-6th Grade-Salem Pond/Popcorn Friday

5/16-6th Grade Track Meet

5/17-First Grade Program/5th Grade Walk for a Life Day

5/18-6th Grade Graduation

5/19-Kindergarten Last Day

5/26-Last Day of school-Swimming Activity/dismissed at noon