December 2022

Fifth Grade Students Present Three Plays

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In December the 5th grades presented three holiday readers’ theatres.

Mrs. Sanford’s class performed Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story “A Christmas Carol.”

Mrs. Peterson’s class performed “How Murray Saved Christmas” – a funny tale about a New York deli owner, Murray Kleiner, who reluctantly agrees to make toy deliveries when Santa is knocked out by a Jack-in- the-Box with a walloping punch.

Mrs. Bailey’s class presented Dr. Seuss’s popular children’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Lucky Gingerbread Winners

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After all the classes voted for their favorite gingerbread house the winners were 1st place - Christmas Beach made by 5th grade, 2nd place - Barrel Racing made by kindergarten, and 3rd place - Ski Resort made by the office. Names were drawn from each of the containers and the students whose name was drawn got to take that gingerbread house home.

Gingerbread Competition

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To help everyone get in the Christmas spirit Brockbank's faculty and staff competed in a gingerbread competition. Each group had only one hour to make their house. The students got to decide the winner by voting for the gingerbread house they think is the best. Students each receive one vote placing their vote in one of the cans. Names will then be drawn out of each of the cans and a lucky student whose name is drawn will get that gingerbread house to take home.

Fourth Grade Students Make Ornaments for Zions Bank

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Brockbank fourth grade students had the opportunity to walk to Zion's Bank and decorate the bank's Christmas Tree. The students with the help from their art teacher, Mrs. Karlee Banks made ornaments to put on the tree. Constanza Cuello, Branch Service Manager, gave each of the students a cookie and the bank donated $100 to the school. We appreciate Zion's Bank for giving us this opportunity!