School News

Brockbank Hansen Heroes for April

Brockbank is to announce April's Hansen Heroes. Back; Nathan Wengreen, Nicolas Aguero, Bailey Barber, Principal Alison Hansen, Cade Swenson, and Ethan Campbell. Middle; Landon Nielsen, Julia Hult, Abbigail Swenson, Elley Colledge, Cassady Gappmayer, and Brayden Banks. Front; Kamie Gabbitas, Kate Jones, Logan Ashworth, Leslyi Jimenez, and Cambrie Oyler. Absent from photo; Macy Hullinger, Ashley Juarez, Cassidy Tharp, Zach Preece, Joseph Sullivan, and Jace Hanks.

Brockbank First-Graders Plant Seeds and Make a "Grass Person"

Brockbank first-grade students learned about seeds and plants in class. They had the opportunity to plant seeds in cups and grow "hair" for their own "grass person". The student's cups are left at school for the students to make sure they have water and sunlight. After two weeks their "grass person" had long green hair. Before taking them home some of the students gave their "grass person" a hair cut. It was a fun way to learn about how seeds grow!



Brockbank Fifth-Graders Enjoy Science by Making "Earthquake Cakes"

Mrs. Cynthia Loreen's class recently finished a science unit on earthquakes. To help them better understand how earthquakes work, the students got to demonstate four different kinds of earthquakes on cakes. The students divided into groups and decorated their cake like either a city, mountain, farm, or island. Mrs. Loreen then showed them what would happen to each cake if there was a certain earthquake. The students really enjoyed the experience but the best part was they got to eat the cakes!


Brockbank Hansen Heroes for March

Brockbank Elementary is happy to announce the Hansen Heroes for March! Back; Callie Rigtrup, Natalie Millet, Principal Alison Hansen, Grecia Ayala, and Hailey Hullinger.Middle; Brianna Jones, Ruby Campbell, Emma Argyle, Shanae Fraughton, Abbey Colledge, Wendy Price, Katelyn Porter, and Aubrie Morgan.Front; Chase Jones, Daniel Clark, Dylan Otten, JAmy Davis, Easton Jorgensen, and Curtis Hernandez. Absent from photo was Jessica Mitchell 

The Daily Herald Article: "Brockbank Elementary Bakers Make and Donate Fresh Bread"

Article by The Daily Herald - Lana Creer-Harris

This article was printed on the front page of The Daily Herald on March 31, 2011.

Pam Jensen, an employee of King Arthur Flour, America's oldest flour company, taught America's youngest bakers how to make healthy bread on Wednesday. Jensen is one of three King Arthur flour Life Skills Bread Baking Program representatives in the country. She visited Brockbank Elementary in Spanish Fork and taught students how to bake from scratch.

Principal Alison Hansen introduced Jensen.

Brockbank Third-Graders Hold Spelling Bee

Thursday, March 24, Brockbank Elementary third-graders held their Spelling Bee. The spelling bee is held in conjunction with the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and their donation of a dictionary for every third-grade student. Glen Roach, a member of the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and representative of Central Bank donated the dictionaries to Brockbank third-grade students in the fall. Spelling bees were held in the individual classrooms during the month of February and the top five winners from each class competed with each other to determine a winner. Classroom winners were from Mrs.

Brockbank Celebrates "A Grand Green Morning"

Brockbank Elementary celebrated "A Grand Green Morning" on Friday, March 11. It was the kick-off for the annual spring book fair hosted by the PTA. Students were able to invite anyone they thought was "grand" to the book fair and if they wore green they were given a book mark. Students were also asked if they had a book that was still in good condition they could bring it in and put their name in a drawing for book fair bucks to spend at the book fair. Along with reading good books the students and their guests were able to enjoy doughnuts and milk.