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 Kindergarten Registration
Thurs. March 20, 2014 
7:30 am - 4 pm
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Brockbank Kindergartners Enjoy Field Trip to Cal Ranch


Recently Mrs. Tara Farr and Mrs. Amberly Kariuki's kindergarten classes went to Cal Ranch  to learn about baby chicks and ducks. This field trip went along with  the unit about Farm Animals that is in the Kindergarten Core Curriculum.  While  there the students learned about how to take care of a chick, what they eat, how  to keep them warm, etc.  They also talked about how they come from eggs just  like dinosaurs do so in a way a dinosaur is just a big chicken! The students  were able to pet the chicks and ducks.

Brockbank Students Visit Harward Farms

Recently Mrs. Kristi Jensen's class went on a Farm Field Day at Harward Farms in Springville. Students were excited to see a sheep sheared, they thought it was fun to touch the wool. The students moved from station to station learning about something new at each one. They learned all about bees, farm animals, and farm safety.  At one of the stations the students got to make a necklace: a small plastic bags strung on yarn, the students got to plant a wheat seed in the dampened cotton in the bag. They then got to wear their necklaces home.

Brockbank Students Enjoy Champions Challenge Rodeo Assembly

 Spanish Fork City was selected to host the 2014 Wrangler Champions Challenge Rodeo on May 31 at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. To help promote the rodeo and at the same time to encourage students to read,  a bull fighter and the 2013 Fiesta Day 's queen and her second attendant came to Brockbank to entertain the students in a fun assembly. Students that meet their reading goal for the month of April gets his/her name entered in a drawing where two Brockbank students will receive 2 tickets to attend the rodeo.