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Brockbank Elementary
340 W. 500 N.
Spanish Fork Ut 84660
(801) 798-4025
(801) 798-4026
Alison Hansen
Thurs, July 31     7:30 am-12:00 pm
(for new & returning students)
*New feature for returning students --> mail-in registration, packets will be sent home in the mail mid-July

Summer Library Hours
Tuesdays 9-11 am thru June & July

Here is a fun website that your kids can play during the summer. They have played these games in the computer lab and have enjoyed them.






Brockbank Sixth-Graders Earned Sonic Drink!


The sixth-graders at Brockbank  participated in a checkbook activity that was a great learning experience. Students were given their own checkbook and register. They received paychecks every week based on their spelling test and math assignment scores. Students were required to pay rent, utilities, taxes, and any other fees they had acquired throughout the week. This activity gave students a better understanding of decimal number sense as well as have a sneak peak of what it feels like to have to pay rent and taxes.

Brockbank Second Graders Enjoyed Learning About Rocks!

Brockbank second graders in Mrs. Laurel Koyle's class studied rocks. The students used magnifying glasses like scientists to characterize the rocks into texture, color, and shapes. Then according to their characterizations the students sorted and grouped the rocks. Students really enjoyed learning all about rocks!   

Brockbank Sixth Graders Graduate from Elementary School!


Thursday, May 22, Brockbank Elementary held graduation for all sixth-graders advancing to Junior High School. Family and friends were invited to join the students in a fun evening. To start off students shared their singing talents, after which each student was introduced by their teacher and given his/her diploma. Many of the students began attending Brockbank in kindergarten, and have many happy and fun experiences at our school. It will be hard to see these students leave for junior high, but we wish them the best. We will miss them next year!

Brockbank Sixth-Graders Share Their Country Reports!


To go along with the sixth-grade world history curriculum, students chose a country that they wanted to learn more about and do a report on. Each student researched pictures and interesting facts about his/her assigned country. Each student made a visual display representing their country.  Some presented on a poster, some dressed up in clothes typical of their country, and some brought artifacts.  All students shared facts about their country at their sixth-grade graduation for family and friends to see. It was a great way to learn about the many countries in the world.