"How to Cook a Turkey" by Brockbank Second Graders

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Brockbank Elementary is happy to share some fun ways on "How to Cook a
Turkey" according to second graders. Students had a creative writing
assignment which lets the students use their imagination with no
prompting from the teacher as far as content, they are able to write
their own ideas. Below is some ideas of "How to Cook a Turkey" by
Brockbank second grade students in their writing:

Jada Smith - "I would go and find a turkey and bring it in my house.
Then I would put it in the oven and cook it for 15 minutes and
5 seconds at 20 degrees. Then after I get it out of the oven I
will put it on the table and eat it."

Heather Sullivan - "First I put on my orange jacket and boots. Then I
got my gun. Then I get in my truck and drive on the road. Then I find
a turkey and shoot it and then I bring it home and put it in the oven.
I take it out. Last me and my family eat it."

Brinnley Gordon - "1.Put the turkey in the pot. 2.Fill the pot with
water. 3.Put sprinkles on it. 4.Put chocolate fudge on it. 5.Put in
the microwave. 6.Take it out and take the fur and feathers off. 7. Put
gummy worms on it. 8.Cool it down. 9.Put chocolate on it. 10.Put gummy
bears on it. 11.Put it on the tray. 12.Eat it."