Brockbank's Alyson Tobler is Awarded the Crystal Apple Award

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Ms. Alyson Tobler was recently awarded the Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award at Brockbank Elementary.  Ms. Tobler has taught Special Education at Brockbank School for 11 years.  She has a wealth of expertise concerning students with learning disabilities and has had many, many success stories.  A teacher with a passion that all students can learn, Ms. Tobler individualizes each of her student’s instruction to meet his/her needs.  She works consistently with each child’s classroom teacher and then modifies and adjusts lessons and assignments accordingly.  “Alyson is one of those teachers everyone on the staff loves to work with,” says principal Alison Hansen.  “She comes to work each day, works hard, and goes home.  She doesn’t want glory or recognition, she just wants each student to learn.  That is what drives her.”     Ms. Tobler is a pleasure to be around; she always has smile on her face and a pleasant demeanor which is appreciated by students and coworkers alike.  She handles difficult situations with ease and is an asset to the  Brockbank community.  Congratulations Ms. Tobler!