Brockbank Student Council Members Attend Conference at BYU

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Ten sixth-grade student officers recently had the opportunity to
attend the Student Council Conference at BYU.  Students heard from
various presenters such as John Bytheway, Ryan Radebaugh, Darroll
Young, and Josh Hewlett who have all had a variety of leadership
experiences to draw from and are experienced youth motivational
speakers.  The students enjoyed hearing their stories and came back
anxious and motivated to make a postiive difference in the their lives
and the lives of their classmates.  All of the students in Brockbank's
sixth grade have the opportunity to serve on student council - they
are given an option of five action committees that they can serve on.
 Action committees (such as the Food Drive Committee, Peer Tutoring
Committee, etc.) then elect a president, vice president, and secretary
to work with a faculty advisor. The president and vice president from each action committee along with their chaperone, Mr. Nathan Wright attended the conference.