Brockbank PTA Awards Walk A Thon Winners

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Brockbank's PTA recently awarded prizes to the students that excelled in the walk-a-thon. The walk-a-thon was a great success with several students walking over 100 laps. Students that walked a 100 laps or more were given a gold medal and a $10 gift certificate to the book fair. Prizes were also given to the students in each grade that walked the most laps.

Grade winners were; Kindergarten- Kaleb Blackett and Kaizlee Johnston. First Grade- Kaleb Robertson, and Oaklee Giles. Second Grade- Joyce Norman, Autumn Shaw, Trae Rasmussen, and Junior Carron-Campbell. Third Grade- Karley Carron-Campbell, Garyn Jensen, and Morley Bennett. Fourth Grade- Jordan Robertson, Jace Hanks, Hunter Sorensen, and Mason Olson. Fifth Grade- Melanie Park, Ruby Campbell, and JT Nebeker. Sixth Grade- Leslie Streight, and Caydin Craig. JT Nebeker also got a prize for walking the most laps for the whole school, he walked 154 laps.

Students that walked 100 laps or more were; Kaleb Robertson, Braxten Rasmussen, Junior Carron-Campbell, Trae Rasmussen, Garyn Jensen, Morley Bennett, Karley Carron-Campbell, Jace Hanks, Mason Olson, Hunter Sorensen, Colton Engle, McQuin Hair, Lance Jensen, Greg Olson, JT Nebeker, Ruby Campbell, Luke Jensen, Melanie Park, Leslie Streight, and Caydin Craig.