Brockbank First Graders Act Out Story!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Recently Brockbank first-graders in Mrs. Lisa Bird's class acted out the story, "The Great Big Enormous Turnip". It is a story about an old man that plants a little turnip. Everyday he tells the turnip, "Grow, grow little turnip. Grow Sweet. Grow, grow little turnip. Grow strong." And the turnip grows big and enormous. Then one day the old man tries to pull up his enormous turnip. He pulls and he pulls, but can not pull it up. He calls to the old woman, "Come and help me pull up my big, enormous turnip." So the old woman pulls on the old man and the old man pulls on the turnip but they can not pull it up. This continues with their granddaughter, then a dog, and then a cat. Finally a mouse comes along and he wants to help, he pulls on the cat, that pulls on the dog, that pulls on the granddaughter, who pulls on the old woman, who pulls on the old man, who pulls on the turnip and pop out comes the turnip! . It is a cute story and the students really enjoyed acting it out.