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Hello, Brockbank Families!

We hope you enjoyed the day yesterday with your family! It was great to see all the students today! They brighten up the school on such a dreary, rainy day! Thanks for sharing them with us!



We are learning more and more that we are losing connections with our youth! With texting, social media and such, we are losing some of the face to face interactions and conversations that are so vital to the development of our children! Each week I hope to add just a small reminder to make a connection with your child! Every little connection you make with your child helps him/her build a foundation of emotional, mental, physical and social stability.


This week's connection: With this being our SAFETY WEEK, take a moment and talk to your child about being safe, including stranger danger, dangerous websites, being a friend and not bullying or hurting other students' feelings, and about personal safety and health.


Safety Week

This week we are reviewing how to be safe at home, at school, and we are also learning about keeping ourselves safe and healthy by eating properly, getting enough sleep and taking care of our bodies. On Thursday, we will be having our NetSmartz Assembly that teaches us about keeping safe with online programs and on the Web. Thanks to Brooke Anderson and her committee, Bryden Sorensen, Isabella Beecher, Myles Porter and Lexi Solomon for their help in putting this together for our school!

January Assessments

This month our students are involved in a lot of mid-year testing. We have reading benchmarks, Acadience (DIBELS) testing for grades K-3rd, and some other benchmark assessments in math and social studies. Please make sure your child is on time for school! We appreciate your support in helping our students do their best!

Big Smiles Dental Program has been cancelled due to a small number of applicants!


Lunch Money Payments

Parents, please make sure you are current with your lunch payments. Letters and reminders are being sent out to all those families that have delinquent charges. If you have problems with paying your lunch account, please call the office so we can be of assistance to you!

Safety-PLEASE drive slowly! PLEASE do not flip U-turns as you pick your child up on 300 West. PLEASE use the crosswalks! PLEASE park in a parking stall and get out of your car and get your child. PLEASE tell others that are picking up your child where to go.



We are starting up our Math Lab in the mornings, before school! We have two tutors that will be here at 8:30 to help any students that need help with math concepts, assignments, and homework. The Math Lab is in the library and all students are welcome to come!



We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our own Brockbank website! Follow us on Instagram--#Brockbankbest, #Lookatbrockbank, and #BrockbankBFF


Please check our website for more info!


Thanks for being the BEST!


Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:


1/21-1/24-Safety Week

1/28-5th Gr. Field Trip-State Capitol

2/3-"We Love Our Students Day"-Free Pancake Breakfast for all Students!

2/3-2/7-Brockbank Birthday

2/14-Valentine's Day

2/17-Presidents' Day-No School

2/26-Spring Pictures