Brockbank Announces the Relection Winners for 2011-2012

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Brockbank Elementary is happy to announce the reflection winners for 2011-2012. This years theme was Diversity Means...
Each student that participated received a certificate and ribbon, winners received a trophy. Winners for Visual Arts; Adrianna Kirk, Clifton Carron-Campbell Jr., Mallory Bingham, Abigail Kirk, and Tyler Sorensen. Photography; Abigail Kirk, Lindsay Smith, Ethan Benson, Rebecca Sigafus, and Cassady Gappmayer. Literature; Garrett Smith, Paige Tomadakis, Karley Carron-Campbell and Taylor Swan. 3-D Art; Cheyenne Jensen, Ethan Benson, and Trinity Benson.  Congratulations to all of these students and to all the students that participated, everyone did a great job!