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November 2011

Brockbank Fourth-Graders Visit 'This Is The Place Heritage Park'

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 11/29/2011 - 17:04

Brockbank fourth-graders recently had the opportunity to go on a field trip to, This Is The Place Heritage Park. There students were able to take part in a ‘hands-on learning’ experience that complements the state curriculum for fourth-grade Utah History. Students participated in "life in Pioneer Times"  which consisted of pushing a handcart. The students discovered  what it was like to come West with a handcart.

More "How To Cook A Turkey" by Brockbank Kindergarten Students

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 15:45

Brockbank is happy to share some more fun ways on "How to Cook a Turkey" according to kindergarteners. Kindergarten students shared their ideas to their teacher in their own words. Here is four students ideas from Mrs. Kariuki's afternoon kindergarten class.

Hallie Swenson - We buy it at the store. Then we bring it home and cook it in the oven for 2 seconds and make sure it's really hot. Then we put flour on it. then we use a knife to cut it up. We put lots of mustard on it and eat it.

Brockbank First-Graders Read, "Turkey Trouble"

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 11:24

Brockbank first-graders recently finished reading the book, "Turkey Trouble" written by Wendi J. Silvano. In the story a turkey is in trouble, bad trouble, it is almost Thanksgiving and he is the main course. Farmer Jake is looking for him. Turkey has an idea what if he doesn't look like a turkey? What if he looks like another animal instead? First-graders then got to use their imaginations and pick a disguise for Turkey so Farmer Jake won't recognize him.

Brockbank First-Graders Learn About the First Thanksgiving

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 13:36

Brockbank first-graders learned about the first Thanksgiving by making
colored bead bracelets and retelling the story of how the Pilgrims
came to America. Each bead in the bracelet represented a part of the
story. A brown bead represented the Pilgrims leaving England for
religious freedom; a white bead represented the sail on the Mayflower
that brought the Pilgrim's across the ocean; next 3 blue beads to
represent the ocean; 1 green bead for when they spy land; 3 clear
white beads for the snow during the long winter; 1 light green for the

"How to Cook a Turkey" by Brockbank Second Graders

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 11/21/2011 - 13:46

Brockbank Elementary is happy to share some fun ways on "How to Cook a
Turkey" according to second graders. Students had a creative writing
assignment which lets the students use their imagination with no
prompting from the teacher as far as content, they are able to write
their own ideas. Below is some ideas of "How to Cook a Turkey" by
Brockbank second grade students in their writing:

Brockbank Third-Graders Show Off Their Leaf Art Projects

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 14:52

Brockbank third-graders show off their family homework project. The goal for this project was to make homework a time for "homeplay". Each student was assigned with their families to make a picture out of leaves. The students read the book, "Look What I Did With A Leaf!" by Marteza E. Sohi, at school to get ideas.

Veterans Visit Brockbank

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 13:57

Brockbank Elementary had some very special visitors come to our school for Veteran's Day. We are so proud of all of our veterans and enjoy having them come and talk to us each year. The program consisted of the fifth-grade students singing a patriotic song, a slide show presentation, and each of the veterans introducing themselves and talking to the students. It was a very touching assembly reminding us all why veterans are so important and about all the sacrifices that they have made for us so that we can be free. 

Brockbank Fifth-Graders Hold Wax Museum

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 22:08

Back; Lane Money (John Wayne), Paige Tomadakis (Uncle Sam), Hunter Clark (Derek Jeter), Abinadi Lopez (Michael Jackson), Isaac Sanchez-Casalino (Bruce Lee), and Sage Wing (Jedediah Smith) Front; Tobin Gonzales (Benjamin Franklin), Jentri Rozema (Mary Ingals Wilder), Aislyn Sharp (Mary Nesbitt), Laynee Giles (Cher), Jerrod Fisk (George Washington), and Ruby Campbell (Sacagawea)


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