Brockbank Hansen Heroes for January

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Brockbank is happy to announce their Hansen Heroes for the month of January.

From first-grade is Erika Garcia from Mrs. Shalese Roger's class. Mrs. Rogers says, "Erika is always a good friend and kind to others. She is a hard worker. You'll never see Erika without a smile on her face. It is a joy to have Erika in our class!"

Tyson Burk is from Mrs. RaDawn Pack's second-grade class. Mrs. Pack says, "Tyson is a responsible, kind, hard working student. He is a great friend to everyone. He always follows the rules and treats everyone with respect."

From Mrs. Kathy Moon's third-grade class is Rylan Hermansen. Mrs. Moon says, "Rylan is a good example to everyone in our class. He is a good friend to everyone and always includes everyone that wants to join in. I have never heard Rylan say anything mean to anyone. Ryan is our hero because he is kind, nice, and respectful to others!"

Fourth-grade Hansen Hero is Madyson Mann from Mrs. Larina Quispe's class. Mrs. Quispe says, "Madyson is always a hard worker, friendly to everyone, and very helpful. We are happy to have Madyson in our class!"

From Mrs. Cynthia Loreen's fifth-grade class is Mallory Sorensen. Mrs. Loreen says, "Mallory always goes above and beyond on all of her work. She puts in extra time and effort. Mallory has perfect behavior. We are so lucky to have her in our class!"

Josie Mann is the sixth-grade Hansen Hero. Josie is in Mrs. Kara Mikesell's class. Mrs. Mikesell says, "Josie is a fantastic student! She tries hard on all of her assignments and motivates her friends to do the same. Josie looks for ways to help make our classroom a better place!"