Brockbank Second-Graders in Mrs. Koyle's Class Enjoy Special Visitors

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Jane B. Nelson, representing the Farm Bureau, came to Brockbank Elementary to read "Cattle Kids" by Cat Urbigkit to Mrs. Laurel Koyle's second-grade class. Mrs. Nelson told the students about working on a family cattle ranch. In the book, cowgirls and cowboys take part in many aspects of livestock operations from calving and branding to haying and rounding up the herd. Mrs. Nelson's son, Frank Nelson, showed the students the brand they use on their farm and told them why it is important for the calves to have a brand. He brought some of the food that calves eat and explained each one of them to the students. The students then went outside and had the opportunity to see and pet a two day old calf. It was very interesting, some of the students hadn't seen a calf that close before.