Brockbank Students Enjoy Marvin & Jessie Assembly

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank faculty recently put on a Marvin & Jessie assembly for the students on the topic of responsibility. Marvin and Jessie is a character education program where two "students" (Mr. Ryan Murray and Mrs. Kristel Peterson) experience difficulties and how they overcome them. Other teachers on staff take turns in the plays as supporting characters. The students enjoy these plays because they get to see their teachers acting like students on the stage and they can relate to the dilemmas Marvin and Jessie experience. As the theme was about responsibility this month, students laughed as Iris (Mrs. Shalese Rogers) always blamed somebody else for her problems. She was late for school because her mom didn't wake her up, didn't turn in her homework because her mom hadn't put it in her backpack, had to stay in from recess to clean up her work space because her teacher didn't do it for her, and she was bored over the weekend because her friends were busy doing chores at their houses. By the end of the play, Marvin and Jessie and other characters showed Iris the importance of owning her problems and solving them herself. Students and teachers alike look forward to another episode of Marvin and Jessie.