Wilfreta Scheetz is Awarded Brockbank's Outstanding Employee for 2009-10

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Mrs. Wilfreta Scheetz has been nominated by Brockbank Faculty as the outstanding employee of the 2009-10 school year. This award is sponsored by the Horace Mann Insurance Company and is specifically designed to recognize classroom aides and technicians. Wilfreta is our ESL technician and because of her conscientious efforts and positive attitude towards students, is extremely deserving of this award. Wilfreta doesn’t waste a minute of her time – when she picks up students from class, she works on sight words, new vocabulary, and/or flashcards all the way down the hall. Once kids are settled in at the table, they begin a carefully constructed lesson designed just for them. Wilfreta not only tutors students, but simultaneously is monitoring other students working on various computer programs in the tutoring lab. She works closely with school personnel to follow each student’s progress and is consistently looking for ways to improve her skills as a tutor. When a new ELL student enrolls in our school, Wilfreta quickly assesses his/her level and gets all necessary paperwork in order to begin services if needed. Wilfreta is truly an advocate for kids. Wilfreta, on her own time after school, tutors a small group of students and helps them get their homework done. She patiently waits at the office with them to get picked up each night. I think the most appreciated service she renders, however, is providing translation services for parents and teachers on SEP nights. She saw a need that wasn’t being met, and she pulled together all the resources she had to meet that need. She arranges each SEP night for college students from her own college classes to spread out all over the school and translate as needed. Wilfreta also translates classroom newsletters, various projects like Mother’s Day cards students make, and assignment directions so parents can help their students at home with homework projects. Brockbank is a better place for all students, especially ELL students, because of Wilfreta.