Brockbank First-Graders Learn About the First Thanksgiving

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Brockbank first-graders learned about the first Thanksgiving by making colored bead bracelets and retelling the story of how the Pilgrims came to America. Each bead in the bracelet represented a part of the story. A brown bead represented the Pilgrims leaving England for religious freedom; a white bead represented the sail on the Mayflower that brought the Pilgrim's across the ocean; next 3 blue beads to represent the ocean; 1 green bead for when they spy land; 3 clear white beads for the snow during the long winter; 1 light green for the arrival of Spring; 1 tan bead for the Native Americans that helped the Pilgrims; 3 beads for the food served at the first Thanksgiving (red for cranberries, yellow for corn, brown for turkey). The students enjoyed making their bracelets and retelling the story about how Thanksgiving came to be.