Brockbank Announces Relection Winners!

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Brockbank Elementary is happy to announce the reflection winners for 2009. This years theme was Beauty Is ...
Winners for Visual Arts; Adrianna Kirk, Cindy Tran, Julia Hult, Cassady Gappmayer, and Elise Wilson. Photography; Macie Clark, Lance Jensen, Landon Jensen, and Ethan Oyler. Literature; Lance Jensen, Ramsey Anderson, Paige Tomadakis, Gavin Jensen, and Elise Wilson. 3-D Art; Daniel Sigafus, Gavin Jensen, and Bailee Rasmussen. Music; Alisa Brown. Film/Video; Elise Wilson. Honorable Mention Winners; Caleb Hayward, JT Nebeker, Mckenzie Oyler, Daniel Clark, Brinnley Gordon, Randall Huff, Bailee Rasmussen, and Talia McKinney. Congratulations to all of these students and to all the students that participated, everyone did a great job!