Brockbank First-Graders Visit the Firestation!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 11/10/2009 - 22:18

Recently Brockbank first-graders went on field trip and walked to the fire station. Fireman Ryan Baum, who is also first-grader Kaleb Baum's dad, gave the first-graders the tour along with fireman Pat Sorensen. They showed the students the fire engine and fireman's equipment. Ryan put on the firefighter suit that he wears to fires and told the students if there ever was a fire in their house that the most important thing is not to be afraid and hide under the bed. Firemen are their friends and are there to help them. It very important that every family has a meeting place to make sure everyone gets out of the house. He also told them how important it is for them to pick up their toys, so if a fireman had to come and get them they wouldn't trip over their toys. One interesting fact that Ryan shared with the students was that the fire engine holds enough water for two months worth of baths if the student bathed everyday - that is a lot of water!