Students of the Month for October

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 10:44
Students of the Month

Brockbank Students of the Month for October! Congratulations to these students for being such good examples!

Brynlee Horrocks - Brynlee is great to have in class. She is always happy and always does her very best.

Miles Jones - Miles works so hard. He is always willing to do whatever is given him to do. He always works with a smile on his face.

Teddy Brown– Teddy is always happy and always willing to try to do his best. He is kind and respectful to his teacher.

Brayton Marshall – Brayton always raises his hand and does his best work. He is a good friend and kind to others. He loves school!

Maci Holman- Maci always does her best work and tries hard at everything she does. She helps her friends.

Violet Hudson- Violet is always on task and following the rules. She cares about her work, and is a great example.

Rykur Price - Rykur is always doing what it takes to learn. He stays on tasks and asks questions when he doesn't understand. He is the best at supporting others in learning.

Violet Preston- Violet is such a fun and happy person. She always has a smile on her face. She is always willing to help anyone and works hard to do her best! Way to go Violet!

Payten Banks - Payten is willing to help everyone in our class and always does her best work. She loves learning and trying new things. Payten is always showing her Bronco Best!

Caz Erekson - Caz is a hard worker and always tries to do his best. He is a great friend to others and is always willing to help.

Bridger Christensen- Bridger is a great friend to all in class. He works hard and helps others. He is kind and thoughtful.

Whip Jaussi - Whip is such a good classmate. He is always excited for classmates when they succeed and even gives them a round of applause. He is very aware of others and helps to care for them!

Avenly Youd- Avenly is a great example to the class. She works hard on her assignments and creates quality work. She looks out for others and helps them when needed. She has all the qualities of a Bronco BEST!

Dax Dawe - Dax is a nice boy and works hard in school. He’s a friend to everyone and a joy to teach.

Hazel Hudson - Hazel is such a sweet girl and always wants to do her best! She goes the extra mile to learn new things and is always willing to help!

Brynn Pennington - Brynn is a good friend to everyone in the class. She works hard and makes her best effort to learn and try new things!

Jeremy Dallin - Jeremy is a hard worker and always respectful. He is always kind to everyone!

Kache Bufton - Kache always has a great attitude, works hard in class, and is so respectful. He is nice to everyone.

Claire Whitaker - Claire is such a hard worker. She gives her best in everything. She is always kind to everyone.

Oakley Hatch -Oakley strives to do his best every day. He is a great friend to everyone!

Kimmy Clark - Kimmy is always on task and does what she is asked to do. She is always finding ways to help those around her and always has a positive attitude!

Cove Wride - Cove is always doing his best. He’s positive and is excited to share new things he has learned.