March Students of the Month

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 04/18/2022 - 15:10
students of the month

Brockbank Students of the Month for March! Congratulations to these students for being such great examples!

Jexton Cooke - Jexton loves to get things right in class.  He will work extra hard to make sure all his work looks the best.  He is good to the other students in class and will listen when told to listen. 

Graham Anderson - Graham has come such a long way this year.  He will listen to the teacher and do as she asks.  He loves hugs and is quick with a smile. 

Hollis Reid - Hollis works so hard to be her best by having a good attitude and trying things even when they are hard.  She is kind to others and respectful to her teacher.

Hunter Huff - Hunter is always happy and brightens up our classroom with his smile.  He tries hard at everything he does and is such a good friend and student.

Brantley Farrar- Brantley has learned so much this year and works hard everyday! He is kind to his classmates and is such a great example.

Ella Banks- Ella comes to school happy and ready to learn. She works hard and does her best everyday! She loves to help her friends and is a great example!

Karimme Hernadez  - Karimme comes to school each day ready to learn. She works hard to get all of her assignments completed everyday.  She always has a smile on her face.  She is a great helper. Way to go Karimme for being a great example!

Ronan Roberts - Ronan is the happiest  kid and makes others feel happy too. He is eager to learn and always gives his best answer to questions.  He tries 100% everyday.  We all love Ronan! 

Holland Shepherd - Holland’s spirit is so contagious. He is always willing to help others, a great friend to everyone, and brings so much joy into the classroom. You are amazing! Way to be Holland!  

Elisa Palu - Elisa comes to school ready to learn and  do her best everyday.  She works hard on all of her assignments and strives to do her best. She is also kind and helpful to her table mates.  Way to be your Bronco Best Elisa!

Dory Porter - Dory has been doing a great job at working on the goals she sets. She is constantly working to improve herself and taking ownership for her learning. She is a very caring girl and cares for everyone around her. We love having her in our class!

Mary Madsen- Mary is always showing her Bronco Best by helping others and working hard in class! We love having her in our class!

Ruxen Beckstrom - Ruxen has been showing his Bronco BEST by taking ownership of his learning by asking important questions to help him understand his work!

Quade Smith - Quade  is such a great kid!  He always tries to do his best.  He is super polite and kind to others. He shows his Bronco Best!  I’m so glad he is in my class!

Caleb Hurst - Caleb is an absolute joy to have in class. He is a great student, works hard and gets along with his classmates. Everyone likes him because he’s so kind and fun to be around.

Ivy Curtis - Ivy is as sweet as they come! She is kind to her peers and always willing to help. She always tries to do her best and is an excellent reader!

Archer Wagstaff- Archer is an excellent student.  He works hard on all of his assignments and strives to be his Bronco BEST in every aspect of his education.

Annie Olson - Annie is a hard worker and the perfect definition of Bronco Best!  She is kind, and includes everyone!  We love having Annie in our class!

Caroline Brown - Caroline is always so happy. She always does her best work. She is so nice and friendly.

Blake Pierce - Blake is such a great example to our class!  He always does his best work.  I can count on him to be kind to everyone! 

Brylie Olsen - Brylie is always looking for ways to help others. She truly cares about her classmates and is kind to everyone. She’s a great asset to our class!

Grace Williams - Grace is willing to help anyone at any time! She is kind to others and is a great example to her peers. She works hard everyday to do her.

Alex Coe - Alex is always wanting to please and help others. He looks for the good in people, and includes those who might be struggling.  He is great at Building a Community that Cares!