April Students of the Month

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 05/09/2022 - 12:21
April Students of the Month

Brockbank Students of the Month for April! Congratulations to these students for being such great examples!

Hanneman Crandall - Hanneman has a fun personality. He works hard and makes sure his work looks good. He likes the other students in class and has a lot of friends.

Adeline Bastian - Adeline is a great addition to our classroom. She loves to learn and knows so much. She is always worried about the other students in the classroom and is nice to all.

Jex Riding - Jex is always looking out for others. He is willing to help anyone at any time. He is always participating in class and loves to learn new things.

Delilah Maseuli - Delilah is so sweet and kind. She is always on task and listens to her teacher.

Eve Madsen- Eve is always on task and does amazing work! She is so kind and helpful. She is a great example to her classmates.

Kemmer Ream- Kemmer has such a fun personality and is so kind to his classmates. He loves to help in any way he can. He tries hard, and does his best work!

Taft Kappas- Taft has come a long way in his learning and taking ownership of his choices. He has grown so much! Way to go Taft in setting goals and sticking with them!

Oakley Jensen - Oakley comes to school happy and ready to learn each day. She works hard to learn new things even when they are difficult. Oakley has an I CAN attitude! Everyone loves Oakley!

Josephine Walsh - Josie’s smile is infectious. There were several times this school year that she was brave and faced things that were challenging, all while having a smile on her face. We are so proud of you Josie!

Truly Morley - Truly has a fun personality and is kind and helpful to everyone. She has worked hard this year even when it has been difficult. We love having her in our class! 

Martin Heelis - Is an amazing student. He is always working hard and trying his best. He loves school and he loves learning new things. Martin is a great friend to everyone. We love having him in our class!

Caleb Millet- Caleb has been working so hard all year. It has been so fun watching him grow academically. He is awesome!

Lucille Oldham- Lucy is a great example of a student who lives by the saying, “I can do hard things.” She has persevered throughout this school year, despite her challenges. She has shown amazing growth in her academics. I am so proud of the work she put in this year.

Ephraim Brown- Ephraim has made some great improvements in his academics. He is always striving to do his best work. He is such a good friend to others. He is always going the extra mile to help anyone out.

Conner Warren - Conner is a smart boy. He is a deep thinker and always comes up with more than one way to solve a problem. He’s outgoing and loves to be social.

Brinley Jones - Brinley is a model student! She loves to learn and likes to be challenged. She is kind and helpful to all her peers. She has many talents, but is humble and never makes others feel bad. She has been so fun to have in my class this year.

Tucker Townsend . Tucker is always ready to help and tries hard to get his group to do the right thing . He gets his work done and then is willing to help others .

Harper Shepherd - Harper is a hard worker and always does his best! He is kind and helpful and a great friend to all!

Cadence Barney - Cadence always has such a positive attitude. She goes above and beyond on everything she does and never settles for less than her best.

Kate Herbst - Kate is always giving everything her best. She is kind to others and always has a positive attitude. She looks for ways to help me and her classmates!

Bryce Beckstead - Bryce works really hard in class. He strives to do his best and is up for challenging things. We love having Bryce in our class!

Harper Christofferson - Harper is new to our school and we are so lucky to have her in our class! She is friendly and kind to everyone, a hard worker, and eager to help in any way! Way to go Harper!

Alice Roach- Alice is quiet, respectful, and willing to work with others. She doesn’t complain, and is always positive.