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Fall Walk

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Kindergarten students enjoy the nice fall weather on their walk. In kindergarten they learn about the four seasons, it is fun going on a walk to see how things change during each season. 


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Mrs. Farr

First Grade Students Enjoy Field Trip

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Recently first grade students spent the morning at Cornbelly's Corn Maze Pumpkin Fest. They enjoyed all the activities, bouncing on the jumping pillows, playing in the corn, sitting in the "big" rocking chair, going down the slides, and riding on the train. It was a fun morning! Brockbank students and their teachers really appreciate the Herbst family for allowing them to come and play!

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Amberly Kariuki and Mia Montover

First Grade Students Earn Popcorn Party

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

First grade students celebrated getting 100% on our reading lessons in I-Ready and got to celebrate with a popcorn party! Every time someone got 100% on a reading lesson, they got to write their name on a piece of popcorn on a poster. When all the pieces were filled, they earned a party! Good job!

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Amberly Kariuki

Red Ribbon Activity

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

"We know how to have FUN without drugs!" Brockbank's fifth grade student council red ribbon committee ran an obstacle course during lunch recess for students to participate in. Students filled out a worksheet about how their hobbies help them stay drug free and why they want to be drug free. 

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Halloween Parade

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We will have our Halloween parade at 9:00 am on Halloween. We invite parents to come to the outside perimeter of the school to see our students in their costumes.

As a reminder of costumes; Please no weapons (real or fake) Masks can be worn during the parade but then must be removed for the rest of the day No extreme gore/blood

Fifth Grade Students Attend Sports Hero Day at BYU

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
On October 6, 2023 approximately 700 fifth-grade students from across Utah Valley descended onto BYU campus for an exciting day to be spent with their local college sports heroes. BYU calls this activity "Sports Hero Day." Its purpose is to provide fifth-grade students the opportunity to interact with BYU athletes, to learn about teamwork, leadership, and to observe their positive examples in academics, athletics, and social circumstances up close and personal.

Students Enjoy Field Trip

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
Mrs. Wendy Dimond's class recently went to Rowley's Red Barn for a field trip. They enjoyed the wagon ride to the corn patch, seeing all the animals, jumping on the pillow, going down the slides and playing in the corn pit. They were each given a yummy apple cider donut to end the day!