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Building a Community that Cares
Engaging in Lifelong Learning
Setting Goals for Growth and Success
Taking Ownership for My Choices

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Fifties Day!

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Happy Birthday to Brockbank! Tuesday, January 30, Brockbank celebrated with Fifties Day! Students and staff dressed up in clothes worn in the fifties to celebrate the decade when Brockbank Elementary opened.

Fifth Grade Students Perform Plays

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In December the 5th grades presented three holiday readers’ theatres.

Mrs. Sanford’s class performed Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story “A Christmas Carol.”

Mrs. Peterson’s class performed “How Murray Saved Christmas” – a funny tale about a New York deli owner, Murray Kleiner, who reluctantly agrees to make toy deliveries when Santa is knocked out by a Jack-in- the-Box with a walloping punch.

Mrs. Jones’ class presented Dr. Seuss’s popular children’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Bronco Best Students Get Pizza Reward

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Students that show their outstanding citizenship by being their B.E.S.T. are given a blue Bronco Best card. ( B - Building a community that cares, E - Engaging in lifelong learning, S - Setting goals from growth and success, T- Taking ownership for my actions) Once a student earns this award, they come to the office and give the blue card to the principal. He then calls home to let the parents know their child has earned this award. The student is celebrated at school by earning several prizes, including having the student pick a number and write their name on a chart in the hall.

Second Grade Sing Christmas Songs and Decorate Gingerbread Houses

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Second-grade students at Brockbank Elementary celebrated the Christmas season by presenting a special program on Friday, December 8, to their parents and grandparents. The students enjoyed entertaining their families by singing several Christmas songs. After the program, the students and their parents returned to their classroom to decorate gingerbread houses. It was a fun day!

Lucky Gingerbread Winners

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After all the classes voted for their favorite gingerbread house the winners were 1st place - Log Cabin, 2nd place tie - Barbieland and Freddy Fozbear's Pizza Place. Names were drawn from each of the containers and the students whose name was drawn got to take that gingerbread house home.