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Mission Statement

At Brockbank we are...
Building a Community that Cares
Engaging in Lifelong Learning
Setting Goals for Growth and Success
Taking Ownership for My Choices

Write a kind message to a student, teacher, technician, custodian, parent or anyone else. Then we will all be able to see it at our school. Let's spread the kindness! (messages are on the televisions around the school).  
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Classified Employee of the Year

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Congratulations to Kaitlyn Shelley for receiving Brockbank's Classified Employee of the Year! 

Kaitlyn has taught music at Brockbank for the past three years. She loves music! Kaitlyn plays the piano, ukulele, and sings. She is married and lives in Santaquin, they have 3 corgis. 

Brockbank Kicks Off Book Fair with Dads and Donuts

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Brockbank Elementary held their spring "Dads and Donuts" on March 5. The students, along with their dads, moms, grandparents, or other special family members were able to come and browse for books through the book fair and then enjoy donuts and milk. Brockbank students and faculty would like to thank the PTA for sponsoring this fun morning.

Book Fair will run from Tuesday, March 5 through Thursday, March 7 before and after school and until 7:30 pm on Thursday night. You can order books online until Friday, March 8.

February Bronco Best Students

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At Brockbank we have a program where deserving students earn "Bronco Best" cards. Students earn this honor by being their BEST at Brockbank! They are doing their BEST when they are: Building a community that cares, Engaging in lifelong learning, Setting goals for growth and success, and Taking ownership for their actions.

This month the students learned about managing their emotions and coping skills.

Dads and Donuts Is Coming Soon

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When: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Time: 7:30 - 8:45 am

You can bring not only dads but moms, grandparents. or a special family friend. Look through the Book Fair. If you are planning on purchasing, bring cash for quicker checkout through the cash only line. 

Enjoy a donut and milk!

Three Little Pigs

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Last week in kindergarten we talked about real versus fiction and read lots of stories that were pretend. We talked about imagination and how fun it can be to imagine things. We wrote about what we would do if we had a dragon, what we would do if we were magic, and got to read and even act out fun stories like Abiyoyo and The 3 Little Pigs. The kids had a lot of fun with the story of the 3 Little Pigs!
Tara Farr