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Mission Statement

At Brockbank we are...
Building a Community that Cares
Engaging in Lifelong Learning
Setting Goals for Growth and Success
Taking Ownership for My Choices

Write a kind message to a student, teacher, technician, custodian, parent or anyone else. Then we will all be able to see it at our school. Let's spread the kindness! (messages are on the televisions around the school).  
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Kindergarten Night

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Our annual Kindergarten Night will be on Thursday, April 25th. This is for parents of kindergarten students for the 2024-2025 school year. We will have some great ideas to take home to prepare your child for kindergarten in August. If you know a family who will have a kindergartener next year, please let them know.

Bronco Best Students for March

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At Brockbank we have a program where deserving students earn "Bronco Best" cards. Students earn this honor by being their BEST at Brockbank! They are doing their BEST when they are: Building a community that cares, Engaging in lifelong learning, Setting goals for growth and success, and Taking ownership for their actions. 

This month the students learned about thinking before we speak.

Brockbank Elementary Hosts Parent Career Fair

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A group of willing parent volunteers came to our school to share what they do for their work. They brought tools and posters and even a little bit of swag for the students. I overheard questions like, “How many bones are there in your wrist?” “How can you take care of 600 miles of roads?” Our hope was to connect our parents and community with our school. We want our students to know about what kind of jobs they could do in the future. Thank you to our parents, teachers and PTA for supporting this event. We look forward to having more careers to share next year.

Terri Jensen

Diaper Drive Sponsored by Brockbank Student Council

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ATTENTION: Brockbank Elementary Students and Families 

Brockbank Student Council is sponsoring a "DIAPER DRIVE"! 

We will be collecting new packages of diapers and baby wipes for families in need! Collection Dates are... April 15 thru April 26, 2024! 

You can send any quantity, size or brand of unused diapers and/or wipes with your student or you can drop your donation off in the office.

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

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Brockbank Elementary fifth-graders held their wax museum. The students picked a famous person in American history, they did research on that person, memorizing interesting and important facts, and then they got to dress-up like that person. Students from other grades, parents and grandparents were able to visit the museum and learn about these famous Americans. It was a very fun and educational experience for all that participated.

BYU Cougar Built

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Student athletes along with Cosmo and the BYU dunk team came to Brockbank to put on a presentation inviting students to be Cougar Built. They stressed four important ways to be "Cougar Built" 1) Built to Love - We will be kind and respectful, even when it's hard. We will treat everyone like a friend. 2) Built to Learn - We will listen carefully, always be honest, do our best, and ask teachers and parents for help. 3) Built to Work - We will say YES to healthy food, sleep, and exercise. We will say NO to drugs and alcohol.

Bronco Best Students Get Pizza Reward

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Students that show their outstanding citizenship by being their B.E.S.T. are given a blue Bronco Best card. ( B - Building a community that cares, E - Engaging in lifelong learning, S - Setting goals from growth and success, T- Taking ownership for my actions) Once a student earns this award, they come to the office and give the blue card to the principal. He then calls home to let the parents know their child has earned this award. The student is celebrated at school by earning several prizes, including having the student pick a number and write their name on a chart in the hall.