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Brockbank Second-Graders Share "How to Cook a Turkey"

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank Elementary is happy to share some fun ways on "How to Cook a Turkey" according to second graders. Students had a creative writing assignment which lets the students use their imagination with no prompting from the teacher as far as content, they are able to write their own ideas. Below is some ideas of "How to Cook a Turkey" by Brockbank second grade students in their writing:

Jeronimo Perlaes - First go find a turkey. Next Drive home. Then Stuff the turkey with salt. Last take the bones off and eyes. Finally put it in a pan and in the oven.

Brockbank Fourth-Graders Perform Pioneer Program

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

On Wednesday, November 10, the fourth-grade students at Brockbank Elementary celebrated their Utah Heritage with a pioneer program. Students dressed in pioneer/cowboy attaire sang and danced like the pioneers did so many years ago. Parents were then invited to dance with thier student for some fun sqaure dancing. It was a fun evening and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Brockbank Fifth-Graders Hold Wax Museum

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Recently Brockbank Elementary fifth-graders held their wax museum. The students picked a famous person in American history, they did research on that person, memorizing interesting and important facts, and then they got to dress-up like that person for a day. During the day, students from other grades were able to visit the museum and learn about these famous Americans. That night there was a program so that parents and grandparents could come and see what the students had learned. It was a very fun and educational experience for all that participated.

Brockbank Celebrates Sucessful Book Fair with "Super" Assembly!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank's Fall Book Fair was a great success! The PTA set a goal of selling 500 books during the fair - a goal that was far exceeded. As the theme for the book fair centered around super heroes, the student council hatched up the idea of having teachers compete in "super" games if the goal was met. Pictured above are faculty members divided into Team Batman, Team Superman, and Team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The students enjoyed this "super" assembly!

Brockbank Students Honor Veterans

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank Elementary had some very special visitors come to our school for Veteran's Day. We are so proud of all of our veterans and enjoy having them come and talk to us each year. The program consisted of the fifth-grade students singing some patriotic songs, a slide show presentation, and each of the veterans introducing themselves and talking to the students. It was a very touching assembly reminding us all why veterans are so important and about all the sacrifices that they have made for us so that we can be free.

Brockbank's Hansen Heroes for October

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank Elementary is happy to announce October's Hansen Heroes.

(Back) Briggs Newman, Chelsey Froelich, Mark Rawle, Caden Betts, Principal Alison Hansen, Jaiden Stewart, Sheridan Creer, and Whitney Koyle. (Middle) Rylan Hermansen, Holly Hermansen, Natalie Olson, and Avery Critchfield (Front) Bryce Jensen, Garyn Jensen, Amelia Crandall, Treyvan Averett, Sierra Stanworth, Jesse Shepherd, Brooklyn Steele, and Blake Gabbitas. Absent from photo was Victor Sanchez.

Congratulations to these students for making good choices and being a good example in their classrooms!

Representatives from Living Planet Aquarium Visit Brockbank Fourth-Graders

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank Elementary recently had representatives from the Utah Water Van program come to visit. The Utah Water Van is an educational outreach program about Utah's water cycle and is offered by The Living Planet Aquarium to fourth-grade students throughout Utah. Fourth-grade students were allowed through the use of models, to see and better understand Utah's water cycle and how Utah uses its water. Students learned about water conservation, importance of wetlands and about some of Utah's native wetland plants and animals. It was a very educational program.

Brockbank Fifth-Graders Enjoy D.A.R.E!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank fifth-grade students are almost finished completing their D.A.R.E. program taught by Officer Bryan DeWitt. The students have been learning several lessons about drugs and ways to avoid the many influences in their lives that might lead them down dangerous paths. One of the fun activities fifth-graders got to do was to see Officer DeWitt's patrol car and see all the equipment that he uses to do his job. He showed them how some of it works and how he uses it in his job. Students have really learned a