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Brockbank Sixth-Graders Participate in a "Battle of the Greek Gods"!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
On September 13, the entire sixth-grade participated in a Battle of the Greek Gods. This was an all-day activity at Swenson park where the students rotated and participated in many team-building activities. Each rotation included a task that required students to use strategies and work together to solve a problem. Brockbank sixth-grade teachers and students want to thank all the parents for their support and help! The students could not have had such a great experience without them!
Mrs. JaNae Wilson

Brockbank's Library Has Brandon Mull's New Book!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
The Candy Shop War - Arcade Catastrophe
by Brandon Mull
Release Date - October 23,2012

We are lucky enough to have received an advance copy which is currently available in our library.

To celebrate the launching of his new book Brandon Mull is hosting the largest Marshmallow War ever.
When: Friday, October 26, from 4 - 7 p.m.
Where: Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi

Come have a marshmallow war with tons of other kids and a fabulous author!
Peggy Rothaug

Fridays at Brockbank are "School Spirit Days"!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Fridays at Brockbank are "School Spirit Days", each of the students are encouraged to wear their school T-shirts on this day. If they don't have school shirts they can wear the school colors (navy & maroon). The PTA is going to reward the classrooms that have the most school spirit throughout the year!! So wear your school spirit and help your class win!!

Police Officer Visits Brockbank Kindergarteners

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
Tuesday, September 18, Brockbank kindegarteners in Mrs. Tara Farr's class had a very special visitor, Officer Roger Lowe from the Salem Police Department. He came to the class to talk to the students about personal and gun safety. He told the students that they should never go anywhere alone not even outside unless they tell someone where they are. He also told them they need to be responsible for their toys and bikes and make sure they are picked up at night and put away.

Foster Grandma Marie Hansen Honored for Outstanding Years of Serivce

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Congratulations to Brockbank's Foster Grandma Marie Hansen! Marie  Hansen is a foster grandma in Mrs. Marcy Noorda's first-grade class and was recently honored by the Utah County Foster Grandparents for 19 outstanding years of service. She is currently on her 20 year as a  foster grandma. Marie is a remarkable lady, at almost 90 years old she  still maintains a garden and still cans most of the food she grows. She enjoys crocheting and tying quilts.

Brockbank First-Graders Read Book, "Enemy Pie"

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

Brockbank first-graders read the book, "Enemy Pie" written by Derek Munson about a boy whose summer is ruined  when Jeremy Ross moves in and becomes number one on the enemy list. Fortunately, for the boy his father has a secret recipe for a pie that is guaranteed to help get rid of enemies. While his Dad works on mixing the ingredients and baking the pie, he explains that his son's role in the plan is that he needs to spend a day with his enemy. Even worse, he has to be nice to him. It sounds tough, but the boy decides to give it a try.