Brockbank Elementary's September Hansen Heroes

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Brockbank Elementary is happy to announce their Hansen Heroes for the month of September.

The Hansen Hero from Mrs. Lisa Bird's first-grade class is Tommy Ortiz. Mrs. Bird says, "Tommy is such a good student. He is always trying his best and willing to help out when asked."
Second-grade hero is Emmalee Norman from Mrs. Laurel Koyle's class. Mrs. Koyle says, "Emmalee is so friendly to everyone. She follows our class rules and does a super job on her school work!"
Mikayla Frost is the third-grade Hansen Hero from Mrs. Carolyn Creer's class. Mrs. Creer says, "Mikayla is a great student! She works hard and is always willing to help. Mikayla is a good friend and a joy to teach!"
From Mrs. Alexandra Dedrickson's fifth-grade class is Mark Rawle. Mrs. Dedrickson says, " Mark is always willing to help others and is a great friend. I love having Mark in my class!"
The sixth-grade hero from Mrs. Kara Mikesell's class is Makayla Olson. Mrs. Mikesell says, "Makayla is wonderful during class. She works hard and makes sure to ask questions if she doesn't understand something. Makayla loves to help other people and is a good example for students to follow. I appreciate having Makayla in my class!"