Brockbank Hansen Heroes for February

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Brockbank is happy to announce their Hansen Heroes for the month of February.

From first-grade is Ashlyn Herbst from Mrs. Janna Runolfson's class. Mrs. Runolfson says, "Ashlyn always follows directions and is a good example to the class. She is a friend to everyone and is a joy to teach!"

Jenna Hansen is from Mr. Nathan Wright's second-grade class. Mr. Wright says, "Jenna is a very smart girl. She loves to come to school and loves to learn. Jenna is a good friend to everyone in our class and is really fun to be around!"

From Mrs. Carolyn Creer's third-grade class is LeeAnn Ellis. Mrs. Creer says, "LeeAnn is kind and sweet to everyone in her class. She is a hard worker and always does her best. LeeAnn is a joy to teach!"

Fourth-grade Hansen Hero is Daniel Jones from Mr. Terry Oyler's class. Mr. Oyler says, "Daniel is a fantastic student who always loves a challenge. He is always willing to help others and never complains. He is a wonderful friend to everyone and I am so glad he is in my class!"

From Mrs. Alexandra Dedrickson's fifth-grade class is Austin Scheetz. Mrs. Dedrickson says, "Austin is a wonderful student. He is a great friend to everyone and I am happy to have him in my class!"

Elise Wilson is the sixth-grade Hansen Hero. Elise is in Mr. Ryan Murray's class. Mr. Murray says, "Elise is always so helpful and looks for extra ways to help around the classroom. On several occasions she has stayed a few minutes after school to pickup paper off the floor or help organize things. Elise is a great student and is extremely respectful!"