Brockbank First-Graders Hold Their Own Winter Olympics!

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To go along with the recently held Winter Olympics, first-grade students at Brockbank learned about the Olympics in their classrooms. They learned about the five Olympic rings and what they stand for. Each first-grade teacher taught the students about a different country that attends the Olympics and the students rotated classrooms to learn about each one. The students drew a picture of their favorite winter sport; they learned facts about each of the countries; what their flag looks like, what sport their country plays in the Olympics, words that are spoken in the countries language, and an important fact about that country. Finland was one of the countries the first-graders learned about and the interesting fact is that all of the children in Finland have a cell phone.
Mrs. Lisa Bird's class took the Olympics a step further and held their own Winter Olympics in their classroom. Students were divided into groups and got to make up a country, name it, and make a flag for that country. The countries the students made up were; Animal Land, Heart Land, Earthquake Land, Zooie Land, and Holden Land. The students then participated in their own games. The winners were Tommy Ortiz in the "Ski Jump", Ian Ete in "Curling" and Rylan Herbert in the "Bob Sled". The students really enjoyed this activity and it was a great learning experience!