Brockbank Hansen Heroes for November

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Brockbank is happy to announce their Hansen Heroes for the month of November.

From first grade is Katelyn Gappmayer from Mrs. Marcy Noorda's class. Mrs. Noorda says, "Katelyn is a great example to our class. She is very helpful and always on task. It is a joy to have her in class."

Zach Preece is from Mrs. RaDawn Pack's second-grade class. Mrs. Pack says, "Zach is always trying his hardest to do his best at school. He obeys the rules, works hard, and is a friend to everyone."

Third-grade Hansen Hero is Ben Boyack. Ben is in Mrs. Argyle and Mrs. Muirbrook's class. They say about Ben, "He is alway happy and energetic. Ben is always on task and he does a great job in class. He is a good example to others."

From fourth-grade is Katelynn Schaugaard. She is in Mrs. Erica Fordiani's class. Mrs. Fordiani says, "Katie is always the first to cheer for her fellow classmates when they are successful. Her positive attitude and bright smile are contageous. Katie is a great help in our class!"

From Mrs. Sally Nelson's fifth-grade class is Kylie Eichler. Mrs. Nelson says, "Kylie is kind and respectful in class. She helps clean up after projects and tries hard to use teamwork. We love having Kylie in our class!"

Brayden Critchfield is the sixth-grade Hansen Hero. Brayden is in Mr. Ryan Murray's class. Mr. Murray says, "Brayden is a great friend to all the students in class. He is always looking for ways to include everyone. He is always smiling and tries his best on all of his school assignments."