Brockbank Teachers Get Pie in Their Face for a Good Cause!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on

To go along with the recently held food drive and to help motivate students to bring in food, there was a contest where the class that brought in the most food, that teacher would get a pie in the face. It was such a close contest that student council members, who sponsored the event, decided to also include the second place class' teacher a pie in the face. Lucky teachers and good sports were, first place kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Tara Farr, and second place fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Terry Oyler. On November 24, in front of their classes, Mrs. Farr and Mr. Oyler opted to give each other the pie in the face. Their students cheered as they watched their teachers get pie in their faces. It was a worthwhile event to help the Utah County Food Bank.