Brockbank Sixth-Graders Learn About Heat

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The sixth-grade students at Brockbank Elementary have been learning about heat for the past few weeks.  Students learned about the different ways that heat transfers, as well as conductors and insulators.  One of the assignments during this unit was for students to create the best insulating cups.  The only stipulation for the cup was that it needed to be able to hold at least one ice cube.

Students could use any material they wanted to, they could even take an existing cup and improve it.  The sixth-grade teachers were very impressed with the creativity that went into making the insulating cups.

They saw cups made out of insulating foam, saran wrap, and cardboard.  One of the cups used chemicals to keep the ice cube from melting!  The students had fun doing this activity and they were able to learn what materials make good insulators through a hands-on experience.  The first place winner was Makayla Olson and the runners up were Alexia Lanegan, Elise Wilson, Payton Sorensen, and Lauren Mockett.